At the Start of a New Year

I’m great at making lofty lengthy commitments. Something about aiming for the moon and landing among the stars. I am, however, fickle. I tend to follow a pattern of blindly leaping into something, then ruminating on it, then getting confused or discouraged or scared, then giving up.

So, if you’re like me and you’re embarking on the new year with a long list of daily commitments in order to make some significant improvement in your life, commitments that you’re looking forward to likely giving up on, let me proffer some hard earned advice.

Maybe consider doing one thing, one time this year. Or two things, one time each. Things that are difficult or that you’ve avoided. I can offer a couple examples.

For instance, if you get the feeling that something in your brain is not operating as it should, consider seeing a psychiatrist. At least once. If you feel large amounts of anxiety regarding things that aren’t normally anxiety producing, or if you’re feeling depressed when every or most every circumstance in your life is hunky dory, or if you’re burdened by an insatiable anger that no one and nothing is igniting. Those can be signs, maybe signs that you’ve lived with for a long time. Try to see a doctor. Reach out to Trish and I if you need help navigating the system. We know it’s hard.

Something else might be telling a friend or loved one about the same things I mentioned above. One of the worst things you can do is bottle it up. That’s dangerous, potentially deadly. Be discerning in whom you choose to disclose to. Look for someone who has tended towards compassion in the past, and schedule a time to talk. Through a shaky voice relay the reality of how you’ve been feeling, what you’ve been experiencing. It’s a really small thing that’s a really big thing. And if you’ve never done it but do it this year, you’ll have done something really really big this year.

And if you, personally, are doing well, consider praying from time to time for those in your life who might not be doing as well as you. The silent among you who are carrying their burden unseen will be blessed by your petition on their behalf. You too, will be doing something really really big this year, even if you don’t see the result of it immediately or maybe ever.

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