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Jesus Loves Us

I cannot tell you what tomorrow will look like. Whether you’ll find relief from the symptoms of a mental illness, or you’ll continue on in difficulty for the remainder of …

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At the Start of a New Year

I’m great at making lofty lengthy commitments. Something about aiming for the moon and landing among the stars. I am, however, fickle. I tend to follow a pattern of blindly …

Who We Are

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We’re Jared and Patricia Carter of Tucson, AZ. Husband and wife, parents of three amazing kids, and Christians who live with mental illness. Our experience has taught us that living in isolation, being unknown and unseen even when actively involved in a local church community, produces an unnecessary element of burden. Our hope is that through resources, storytelling, and peer-support, we can help other Christians of all denominations and various theological frameworks to find freedom from feeling one must go it alone.

We’re also advocates for increased awareness and understanding of mental health in churches. Our faith communities are one of the first places people will come to for help when they’re experiencing the symptoms of a mental illness. While the church offers so much for these individuals, including the hope filled message of the gospel and the promise of community, its members and leaders often lack the ability to identify serious mental health symptoms. As a result, these symptoms are often perceived as being the result of something spiritual in nature rather than physical.

Together with you, we hope to significantly improve the lives of Christians facing mental health challenges.