No Christian Should Have to Face Mental Health Challenges Alone

The Birth of Recovery

We believe that the sooner someone gets mental health support the better their outcomes.

We are here to step in the gap. If you feel like something isn’t right but that you don’t know what the next step is we’re here to help.
We’d love to connect you with an Healthcare Navigation Advocate. We’ll help you with some tools and knowledge so you can build a team of professional mental health supports. Whatever that might look like for you.
We can support you by looking at your health insurance coverage and nearby mental health professionals that are accessible for you.
We’ll listen, off to pray with you, and walk through what it looks like to get support.

Finding an onramp to mental health professionals doesn’t have to be lonely or scary.

The Work of Recovery

Our founders have first hand experience living with mental illnesses. Bless This Brain is passionate about seeking recovery in relationship with others who are doing the same. We believe having a sense of belonging and being seen can have a huge impact on mental health.
Our Recovery Cohorts are weekly meetings with peers who are seeking health alongside each other as well as growing in faith and spiritual wellness even if it’s hard. We know the journey to recovery is possible.

These peer groups are 6 month commitments with a focus on reframing our identities, learning tools together and reminding each other of the hope of the Gospel. Together we will encourage each other in healthy habits of the body, mind, and soul.

Periodically we’ll also get to hear from speakers, through workshops, who care about mental health, nutrition, faith and self development.

The Church of Recovery

One of the ways we aim to reduce mental health stigma and promote common knowledge and language is through speaking with faith leaders and their communities.

We love to share our mental health stories. One of our founders lived with Bipolar Type 1 for 18 years between onset of symptoms and seeking support. We are passionate about vulnerability and starting conversations around mental health conditions and their impacts on peoples whole lives. We also love to share a fuller Gospel which informs whole health. The church is full of people who are made up of a mind, physical body, spirit and are in relationship with others.

We are also creating Bless This Brain programs that can be easily reproduced. We want to raise leaders to help the church at large reduce mental health stigma, share real stories and promote recovery.

We also desire to get faith leaders trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention. We know the church is on the front lines of the mental health crisis and believe that if these communities and their leaders are informed then many people will get help more sooner and with better outcomes!

Our dream is to create a network of safe faith communities. Spaces and people that are fluent in mental health awareness and compassion.